Local Dog Misses Dinner after Failing to Account for Daylight Savings Time

​Mocha, a 10 year old Lab-Mix, described the harrowing experience. “I walk down to the food bowl…and… I saw that the cat had cleaned out my bowl. Nothing was left. I barely made it through the night”.

News In Veterinary medicine

The Philosophy of Imouserel Katt and the Me-ow Too Movement of the 21st Century

by Dr. Spaz

The striking emergence of the Me-ow Too Movement at every level of society and professional interaction has led this surgeon to consider the work of famed Imouserel Katt (18th century philosopher).....

Young Chicks Contemplating What Future Holds

At a recent meeting of CYM (Chicken Youth Movement) thousands of day old chickens gathered in Little Falls, AK, to discuss long term financial planning........

New (Animal) Products in Time for Spring

FartGard® for Dogs

A new product hit the shelves of veterinary clinics all over the country. 
With the slogan: 
Squirrel causing Indigestion? 
Your owner asking probing questions?.....


Arboreal Dachshunds spotted in Upper Midwest

Do to worsening climate change the arboreal dachshunds that used to be only encountered in southern states has been spotted more frequently as far north as Duluth, MN....

Spring Edition 2019

Maren Moosely

Hello dear readers, boy do I have exciting news for you! I, yes, Maren Moosely, will be covering the annual K-9 new year’s eve benefit concert, raising awareness (and money) for RUF (Really Ugly Fur) affliction which has been sweeping the nation.....

All the (not so serious) news fit for dogs, cats (and humans)

 (Better) Bite Squad® Service Offered by Metro Canine Group

An entrepreneurial team of local Pitbulls and Dachshunds started (Better) Bite Squad® (BBS) in South Minneapolis. As opposed to the popular ‘Bite Squad’ food delivery service the ‘(Better) Bite Squad’ lets you conveniently order attacks by feisty canines.......

“So You Think You Can Hump” TV Show Tops Ratings

CBS stormed to the top of latest ratings with its new hit show “ So you think you can hump”. In a close competition Gordo, a 5yr old Chihuahua from Laredo, TX,..........

Spring Edition

The Winners of this Year’s Canine and Feline Valentine’s Poem Submissions:

Buck, a Golden Retriever from River Falls wrote:

Squirrel meat is red,
But delicious it is
And I caught it myself
…. so no, I will not share it with you, I am resource guarding

Fiona, a Sharpei from Portland submitted:

My dog bed is soft
It has space for two
But it is ALL for me
And not for you

Pretzel, a Dachshund from Minneapolis put to paper:

When I go for a walk
I pull on the lead
To get to you
But… then I realize you are actually NOT in heat

Leroy, a drooling Blood Hound divulged: 

Through the garbage I dig
To forage for food
This finally causes 
Me Valentine’s mood
So, if you want to meet me and the rest of the pack in the back yard, feel free to join us…..

The frontrunner in the feline category submitted by
Toby, a Domestic Shorthair Cat, was:

Mice are quite tasty
But the entrails are pasty
..and they cause hairballs
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Introducing ApoChocolate! The pet-safe chocolates for your special someone.

This Valentine's day, show your special someone you care about them and their furry friend.  New ApoChocolates are the first pet safe chocolates made and distributed exclusively through WeeklyVetNews Distributors. .....

by Dr. Doeslittle

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